Anne Stoffels is a London based Belgian milliner whose journey into motherhood has inspired her to pamper other mothers and babies. She is currently designing a collection of sustainable silk hats for mums and their babies to nurture their skin. 

Why silk? 
 - Silk is a natural moisturiser 

 - Silk is a temperature regulator 

 - Silk helps mum and baby fight against hair loss

 - Silk is naturally sustainable 

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Hats are not just for Ascot, they are for a blue Monday, a night out with the girls, a walk in the park, a commute to work, an important meeting, a first day, a dinner with the family, a wedding day. Hats are for every day, which is why Anne has created different collections for different occasions. 

The Couture Anthology indulges in the handmade aspect of things, where delicate textures and exquisite details can shine through. 

The Millou Anthology brightens up the every day. 

If you still didn't find what you were looking for: Anne also does bespoke pieces. Get in touch: studio@annestoffels.com.


Anne previously worked at Stephen Jones' couture department, and in Noel Stewart's studio. She studied Millinery at London College of Fashion and Kensington and Chelsea College after being a costume and set designer on  theatre projects. Anne's Belgian flair mixed with British tradition makes for a refreshing new take on millinery.


Hoxton - London




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