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I am writing this blog post with a sleeping baby in one hand and a phone in the other, because that is my life now, I have become a mum. (I would put her down but she has a terrible cold, and hanging on to her will just make everyone's life easier right now. - Also she's so cute when she sleeps).

After the birth of our daughter, I thought I would get into the swing of things much quicker, but I cannot believe she is already 6 months old and mostly I have just been coping with my new role as a mum. Time has gone incredibly fast and terribly slow (the nights were mostly slow, we have been blessed with a sunshine of a daughter that does not like to go down). As a mum, you become quite obsessed with little things. The colour of your child's poo, the frequency of your child's poo, the little rash that has appeared on your baby's back, why isn't my baby self settling back to sleep etc. But mostly you are just trying to answer the question " Am I doing this right? How can I help my child?"

And one thing I found quite frustrating was that Evie struggled quite a lot with dry skin on her scalp. Now, the head is something I specialize in, as a milliner. I am no doctor don't get me wrong, but I should be able to help her with this. Also, Evie was losing her (very little) precious hair because she was lying down a lot, and I struggled with the same problem - I lost my (luscious) pregnancy hair after the birth.

For those of you who haven't googled the world about little things you deal with as a new mum: when you're pregnant you don't shed your hair easily so you build up (luscious) manes, however after childbirth your hormones change and a lot of mums tend to lose more hair than they would like to, making them feel insecure - well it made me feel insecure in an already quite hormonal phase of my life.

Anyway, as a milliner it made me think: I should know how to fix this, or at least do something about this. I am constantly working on adorning everyone's heads, why can't I help Evie, myself and other mums on this journey?

I did some research, and found that no other milliner had gone on this journey before (which is always exciting, when you discover a new path in your profession) . I looked into different types of fabrics that could help my baby and also me, and on my quest I have found Silk.

So, here we are, I am very excited to say that I will be launching a new collection for mothers and their babies made from 100 percent silk fabrics. Even the thread I use will be silk - not a bobbin of cotton in sight !

Silk is the bomb, and let me tell you why (here comes the theory, hang in there):

Silk is a natural moisturiser that doesn't come out of a jar. Silk keeps moisture close to your skin and that way it keep your skin more hydrated than any other fabric on the market.

Silk is ultra soft and therefore it reduces the friction other fabrics will have, this together with the moisture, will give you the best chance at fighting hairloss.

Silk is a temperature regulator. It will keep you cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

Silk is naturally sustainable. Did you know that silk can be composted with your food and garden waste? Silk is a natural fibre and will easily biodegrade in the soil.

Mind blown.

Anyway - still getting over the natural sustainability of silk - but anyway, why am I not selling these puppies right now? Get them to everyone ASAP?

I am working on it, like ASAP. In my world that means that I'm fine tuning patterns, and sizing for mother as well as babies (we have to look after ourselves but look cute too - right?). I'm finding the very best silks out there that aren't too slippery but still have their glorious softness. I'm organizing a sample event where I get feedback from mum and babies on the first batch. In the meantime I'm also just mumming (breastfeeding, changing nappies, walking for hours with the pram hoping our little Evie will finally close her eyes for a nap, slowly lose the will to live as our little one wakes every hour etc. - you know the drill, just kidding really). If you are a mum, and want to join us for the mum and baby event in April, put your hand up by writing to studio@annestoffels.com . There will be alcoholic and non alcoholic bubbles, finger food for mum and babies, and a whole lot of cute hats to try on. Limited spaces available, get in there now mamas!

Stick with me on this, it's going to be an exciting journey. I can feel it in the tip of my toes.


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