Happy Mother's Day

On this day I am saying thank you to my darling daughter for making me a mother.

Becoming her mama has been by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done, physically and emotionally. It is like running a relentless never ending marathon, with no sleep. A lot of the time I feel like I'm giving her all my energy and don't have enough time to recharge myself. There is always something: teething, a cold, a tummy ache, a leap, a sleep regression...

As hard the journey is, it is as amazing and awe-some. I'm splitting that word up because I don't want to sound like a 14 year old talking about a new band, it is awe some. I am in awe of Evie's changes, of her personality evolving every day.

Thank you Evie for showing me the whole world for the first time again.

In a dingy parking lot in East London, Evie will find a little pink blossom in a tree that requires her attention.

On a rainy day, she will put a smile on stranger's faces on the crowded bus journey, and she will engage in “conversations” with them before I do. She is every day amazed at bright colours, lights, a tiny little detail on the packaging of a cardboard box. She has opened up my eyes to the world again and does this every day.

Evie you have shown me strengths I didn’t know I had, you have shown me my endurance, you have shown me the unlimited love I can have for someone, you have shown me beauty in the little details, you have shown me myself . And I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you, for making me a mama, I am forever blessed to be yours.

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