4 things I hate about you.

They're here ! The first samples of my new mum and baby collection are here. (I say this while I'm putting last stitches into final shapes). I am very excited to show you what I've been making in the studio. I'm not going to lie it has not been easy. I wanted to get 4 qualities into the hat, and not compromise on any of them. It has been a challenge, but they're finally here.

All hats needed to have 4 qualities:

First of all, the hats needed to be HANDY. Practicality is key as a mum (unfortunately). There is no time for tricky buttons or clasps when a baby doesn't like to get dressed. I needed to make hats that you can just plonk on the head without any fuss. Et voila.

Also, I've designed the hats so you can simply fold them up into your purse. If you want to get them back into shape after they've been living in your purse for a while - you can give them a quick iron (low heat).

Secondly, they needed to be SUSTAINABLE. In this regard I've made quite a few decisions. No plastic buckles or metal clips, all hats are completely made out of silk (which is a fabric you can basically put onto your compost pile at the end of the day - that's how sustainable it is). I have even made the ribbons myself so there was absolutely no other material creeping into the hat. For the caps , I have used a sustainable pinok pok (which is basically a cross between silk/straw).

Thirdly, they needed to be NOURISHING FOR MUM AND BABY. Because of the fabric qualities in silk, the hats are nurturing for the scalp, and help the fight against hairloss. Also silk acts like a natural conditioner and keeps your hair in great shape.

Fourthly, they needed to be CUTE. And I really think they are.

Now that I've finally made it work, to get all 4 qualities into the hats, I absolutely LOVE them. Have a look and see if you do too. Want to come along to our sampling event to try them on for yourself? Get in touch and reserve your place with studio@annestoffels.com

Right, I'm off to change a nappy.


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